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Theater Advice Delivers a Modern Take on Home Cinema Design in Dallas Home

Theater Advice bills this impressive modern home theater system as a culmination of the firm’s design capabilities, ability to work with other trades, and ability to meet expectations while staying within a budget.

Of course, the budget was initially the biggest challenge of the project, with Theater Advice taking the time to reconcile the client’s wishes with the reality of the cost. Thankfully, rather than choosing to dial back on the scope of the project, the client instead opted to expand beyond the initial budget, giving Theater Advice a lot more wiggle room in being able to deliver an award-winning bespoke home cinema.

As the integrator notes, every aspect of the home theater’s design is custom including an Epson projector so bright that it rivals a large modern TV on a large 160-inch Screen Innovations screen that sits 12 feet away from the front row, providing an immersive viewing experience without the eye strain. The star ceiling adds to the “Wow” factor and acoustic features of the space.

A before image what would become the theater room. Photo/David Huse

“It’s an experience, not a room,” says David Huse, CEO of Theater Advice. 

The project included working alongside several other trades, including an acoustics design firm that provided 3D renderings and installed columns and acoustical treatments in the room.

The Future of Digital Lighting & Control

As a custom integrator, lighting is in demand. Effective communication, education and showcasing the value proposition of LED light fixtures in conjunction with integrative control systems are the keys to overcoming challenges and closing sales in this specialized market.

Join us as we discuss the future of digital lighting and control with David Warfel from Light Can Help You and Patrick Laidlaw and Mark Moody from AiSPIRE.
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Citing the colors and lights, Huse says the project stands out as one of the most beautiful he’s seen. “It’s modern without being cold and plain. A hard word to use in any project, but it’s perfect,” Huse says. “Perfection is why it stands out.”

Photo/David Huse

“Overall, what makes this one stand out is that the client came to us with less than half this budget, but we knew his expectations were much more,” Huse says. 

Systems & Equipment

Control4 automation

Bluesound Node BLK audio

Kaleidescape media server

Sony Blu-ray player

Screen Innovations 160” screen

Apple TV 4K

Araknis Networks switch

Epson projector

Marantz receiver 

KEF, Parasound & Rotel amplifiers

KEF speakers

Photo/David Huse

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