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TiVo Plans to Distribute Its OS to More TVs This Year

Xperi, the parent company of TiVo, is expected to launch its TiVo OS smart TV platform with several brands in Europe this summer.

According to the company, TiVo OS is currently in smart TVs from European brands Vestel and Bush, the latter of which is a brand from UK retailer Argos. Panasonic is also expected to launch smart TVs powered by TiVo in retail stores across Europe and the UK this summer. JVC and Telefunken smart TVs powered by TiVo OS are also expected to launch this summer.

Xperi and TiVo announced during CES 2024 that it signed new smart TV manufacturers to launch TVs powered by TiVo, including Vestel and Argos’ Bush TV brand. TiVo also said it works with manufacturers Konka and Sharp.

The company has not yet said when its new operating system will be coming to US TVs, but Forbes reported that TiVo OS will come installed in US TV brands later this year, although which brands remains unknown.

Xperi this week also announced its TiVo One cross-screen ad platform, which combines ad inventory across multiple end points in the home and car. This is designed to empower advertisers to efficiently optimize branded campaigns to their desired audiences with advanced forecasting, targeting and measurement capabilities.

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“As a key element of our long-term strategy for the independent media platform, offering a variety of ways to optimally engage with audiences is essential. Whether that be through our smart TV offerings or connected car solutions, partners leveraging our innovative solutions can ensure we’re committed to delivering value and driving sustainable growth,” said Jon Kirchner, CEO of Xperi. “By fostering an ecosystem that prioritizes choice, personalization and seamless integration across platforms, we aim to redefine how audiences engage with content in today’s dynamic environment.”

According to Xperi, TiVo OS is designed to maximize consumer engagement to create enhanced economic benefits from ad placements across partners. Per the company’s own research, nearly 63% of consumers have a high tolerance for ads. However, smart TV platforms tend to prioritize irrelevant ads, the company says.

The greater focus by manufacturers in transforming their smart TV platforms into drivers of additional ad revenue is one that has been highlighted recently by the acquisition of Vizio by Walmart on its strong ad revenue potential, with other brands such as LG and Telly, supporting the idea of selling either free or subscription-based televisions support by ads on their respective smart TV platforms.

TiVo One features a cross-platform and global reach that powers all TiVo platforms, giving advertisers “optimal reach and frequency” across streaming, IPTV, smart TV and automotive, the company says.

TiVo One also incudes an enhanced graphic display combined with video and image expansion for maximum engagement, the ability to target ads based on viewing audiences’ behaviors and profiles, and advanced analytics.

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