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Which Smart TV Operating Systems are the Most Popular?

New research shows that Samsung’s Tizen OS smart TV operating system is projected to command the largest market share for smart TV operating systems globally in 2024 at nearly 13%.

According to the Connected TV Marketing Association’s 2024 Global Smart TV Operating System Market Share Rankings, Tizen OS is the operating system for 12.9% of smart TVs, making up 120 million smart TV sets, the research found.

After Samsung are Hisense VIDAA OS TVs at 7.8%, LG’s Web OS TVs at 7.4%, Roku TV OS sets at 6.4%, and Amazon’s Fire TVs at 6.4%.

Further down the list is Android TV at 5.9%, SmartCast by Vizio at 5.8%, Titan OS from Philips at 4.9%, Apple tvOS at 2.7, TiVo OS at 2.3%, and a whopping 38.4% from other manufacturers.

According to the Connected TV Marketing Association, more than 120 million smart TVs are sold every year (many of which are “stream-only”) across 600 TV brands under license operating systems, and the global smart TV operating system market is now fiercely competitive, driven by major players such as Google Android TV, Roku OS, Samsung Tizen, LG’s webOS, Amazon’s Fire TV and Apple’s tvOS.

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This competition is growing the smart TV market from a value of $230 billion in 2023 to a projected $489 billion by 2030.

In addition, smart TV ownership has now surpassed more than 54% of global households, and 5.63 billion people are expected to own a smart TV by 2026.

The data is relatively similar to U.S. data from consumer technology market research firm Parks Associates, which also found Samsung in the lead for the U.S. market, but at a much higher rate of 35%.

Meanwhile, LG was in second place at about 15%, Roku TV OS third at about 14%, SmartCast fourth at about 10%, Android TV at about 8%, XClass at about 3%, and others making up the remainder.

Notably absent from both rankings is Apple’s tvOS, which is a common piece of equipment installed by custom home technology integration firms. However, unlike Roku and Amazon Fire which offer both streaming media players and TVs running on those operating systems, Apple TV currently isn’t built into any TV sets.

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