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Wrensilva Collection Blends Classic Style with Modern Technologies

Wrensilva, a company that offers handmade craftsmanship and a unique music listening experience for the home, has just unveiled its next-generation
Wrensilva Collection.

Featuring the handcrafted M1 and The Standard models, the new Wrensilva Collection provides homeowners with timeless designs with elegant
heirloom-quality details, and a warm, signature sound shaped by music creators. According to the San Diego-based company, the classically influenced product line was created for the design-inspired music lover. Wrensilva asserts the Wrensilva Collection serves homeowners as a musical centerpiece for the home.

“At Wrensilva, our key design principle is timelessness with a dash of the unexpected,” says Debra Salyer, co-founder and chief design officer at Wrensilva. “We’re committed to high-quality craftsmanship and thoughtful design decisions that take our products out of the norm, elevating them beyond furniture pieces to something that’s part of your music life for generations.”

Wrensilva Collection Complements a Range of Home Environments

Each console is built by hand in San Diego’s Barrio Logan district, and the company states the Wrensilva Collection is inspired by the rich textures of old
recording studios and classic consoles with a contemporary spirit.

The company boasts that each Wrensilva Collection console exudes craftsmanship with locally sourced hand-selected woods and finishes—including blonde mahogany, tobacco walnut, and classic natural walnut—leather-lined record pockets, and brushed metal legs. The introduction of new duo-weave speaker fabrics are said to further enhance the visual appeal, blending into any interior space. In addition, the new consoles can be styled sans fabric covers for a display of the custom speakers featuring a horizontal wood grain pattern taken from a single source of wood.

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At the heart of the Wrensilva Collection lies the Wrensilva signature sound—a combination of craftsmanship and innovation. Co-founder and audio leader Scott Salyer has sculpted the evolution of Wrensilva’s soundscape with insights from sound creators including producer and mixer Giles Martin of Abbey Road Studios, mix engineer and studio owner Manny Marroquin of Larrabee Studios, and producer Joe Harley from Blue Note Records. Custom-built speakers, a floating split-plinth belt-driven turntable, and cutting-edge audio components are engineered to deliver an authentic, warm, and expansive listening experience.

The new Wrensilva Collection offers users a versatile audio playback capabilities. The products seamlessly combines analog and digital technologies, and the consoles allow users to switch between vinyl or streaming music from any source. Highlighting the features the product line offers, Wrensilva stresses that each console features Sonos multiroom functionality to support any music source to be played throughout the home.

Our signature is a warm, faithful sound. It’s not about us, it’s about what the artist made,comments Salyer. “It is difficult to stay out of the way and that is why collaborating with creators is so important to us.”

To celebrate the Wrensilva Collection and to help ensure a fun first needle drop experience, the new consoles come with a curated vinyl set, handpicked for an unforgettable first listen. Wrensilva Presents, Volume One celebrates 85 Years of Blue Note Records with three timeless albums, handpicked in collaboration with label president Don Was. Each record is said to epitomize the highest standards of quality and artistry, enriching the collections of Wrensilva owners with essential pieces that contribute to a fun listening experience the moment their console arrives.

“It sounds as warm and wonderful as it looks. With a truth and honesty that brings your favorite albums alive,” notes Martin, and Marroquin adds, “this is like bringing the studio home.”

The new Wrensilva Record Collection is now available for purchase with The Standard starting at $14,880 and the M1 starting at $18,880.

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